FC Consultants works together with a range of Universities and helps source out the most popular courses chosen by its international students.

We aim to guide our students towards these courses if they have particular interest in them as they not only offer a great experience but allows international students to mingle and form a social network allowing for the initial period of the studies to be comfortable and inviting.

List of Courses


  • Certificate IV in Accounting
  • Diploma of Accounting
  • Advance Diploma of Accounting
  • Associate Degree of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Graduate Certificate in Accounting
  • Graduate Diploma in Accounting
  • Master of Professional Accounting


  • Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology (Light Vehicle)
  • Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical
  • Diploma of Automotive Technology
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Automotive Engineering) (Honours)
  • Master of Engineering (International Automotive Engineering)

3d illustration of modern building construction concept

  • Certificate III in Construction and Building
  • Certificate IV in Construction and Building
  • Certificate III in Construction and Building
  • Certificate IV in Construction and Building
  • Diploma of Building and Construction (Building or Management)
  • Bachelor of Building (Construction Management)
  • Graduate Certificate of Construction Management
  • Graduate Diploma of Construction Management
  • Master of Construction Management


  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
  • Certificate III in Patisserie
  • Certificate IV in Patisserie
  • Diploma of Hospitality
  • Advanced Diploma of Hospitality
  • Associate Degree of Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management


  • Certificate III in Engineering
  • Certificate IV in Engineering
  • Diploma of Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology
  • Associate Degree in Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering (with specialisations)
  • Graduate Certificate Engineering
  • Graduate Diploma Engineering
  • Master of Engineering (with specialisation)
  • Doctor of Philosophy – Engineering


  • General English
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Business English
  • Cambridge Advanced English (CAE)
  • IELTS preparation
  • Cert I-IV in Spoken and Written English


  • Certificate III in Information Technology
  • Certificate IV in Information Technology
  • Diploma of Information Technology
  • Advanced Diploma of Information Technology
  • Associate Degree in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
  • Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
  • Master of Information Technology


  • Diploma of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Return to Practice for overseas trained nurse / IRON (Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses)
  • Master of Nursing (with specialisation)


  • Certificate II in Building and Construction (Painting and Decorating)
  • Certificate III in Painting and Decorating